About CPRE

Welcome to the Dorset CPRE review magazine. Here you will find various articles of interest from the Spring & Autumn review publications. There is an archive of articles taken from previous magazines dating back to March 2010 so please feel free to browse.


CPRE campaigns for a sustainable future for the English countryside, a vital but undervalued environmental, economic and social asset to the nation. We highlight threats and promote positive solutions. Our in-depth research supports active campaigning, and through reasoned argument and lobbying we seek to influence public opinion and decision-makers at every level. We are:

* reasoned and authoritative in our arguments;

* independent and principled when engaging in debate;

* challenging when protecting what is valued in the countryside;

* realistic and constructive in our proposals;

* enthusiastic and welcoming to all who support our aims and activities.

The continued existence and quality of so much of the English landscape is a testament to our 90 years of successful campaigning, CPRE celebrates its 90th annivesary in 2016. CPRE led the campaign to create the town and country planning system, National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and Green Belts. Even so, the countryside continues to face a multitude of threats. CPRE campaigns to protect and enhance our landscape heritage for the benefit of all. Our work focuses on:

* landscape;

* planning and development;

* farming and food.

We aim to be a highly regarded and independent source of information and advice, drawing on a variety of sources — including the expertise and knowledge of our skilled and committed volunteers and staff.

Dorset CPRE Membership
The most effective way for you to help protect the countryside is to become a member of CPRE. We all need the countryside – whether it’s for fresh air, delicious local produce, beautiful landscapes, or vibrant towns and villages – the countryside is invaluable.

The most effective way for you to help protect the Dorset countryside is to become a CPRE member. By joining us, you are helping to fund our campaigning and ensure that a beautiful  living countryside thrives for generations to come. Our suggested membership rates start at £36, http://www.dorset-cpre.org.uk/CPREMembership.html.

Who we work with:

We work at national, regional and local levels with campaigning organisations, government, businesses and individuals. We seek partnerships with those that share our values and goals, and open dialogue with the uncommitted. We challenge those who threaten the countryside.



  1. I would like to bring to your attention planning application WD/D/14/000601 (West Dorset District Planning) regarding Ashley Chase, and the destruction of ancient woodland (not to mention culling of wild animals)

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