Posted by: dorsetcpre | August 22, 2017

Bringing Ambridge to Sherborne on 2nd October and CPRE Farming Report

Graham Harvey, farming author and agricultural story editor to Radio 4’s The Archers, has kindly offered to put on his new play and appear for a Q and A at the end about the issues raised, farming and all things Archers and Ambridge. 

The play No Finer Life is based on a true story about a young farmer, George Henderson, who took on a small Cotswolds farm and transformed it into one of the most productive farms in the country, which he followed with a best-selling book The Farming Ladder.

Rebecca BaileyThe play tells the story through the eyes of the young girl who visited him and became his wife.

Elizabeth is played by Rebecca Bailey and the show is directed by James Le Lacheur, who has recently spent a year in London’s West End in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

It will be performed on Monday 2nd October, 7.30 pm, at the Digby Memorial Hall in Sherborne. The event is being organised by our Sherborne and District Society CPRE Group.

Tickets are £12 to include a glass of wine and can be purchased from Peter Neal (, the Sherborne Tourist Information Centre or online using this link.


Farming Foresight report

Farming Foresight report from CPRE August 2017

Farming Foresight report from CPRE August 2017

On 9 August, CPRE released its new Farming Foresight report, Uncertain harvest: does the loss of small farms matter? The latest paper in CPRE’s Farming Foresight paper looks at the data on farm numbers and sizes and raises questions about the loss of farms and their diversity. Senior rural policy campaigner Graeme Willis at our National Office spoke about the report on BBC Farming Today and in The Times (9 August).

The report was also covered in the regional press and trade press, including Farmers Weekly and Farming UK (10 August).


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