Posted by: dorsetcpre | May 24, 2017

Stunning Wildflower Display on Dorset County Council Verge Conservation Trial Site

If you are driving down the B3075  Morden road as it enters Sandford, near Wareham, get ready for a wonderful surprise. Either side of the road the verge is covered in a wonderful thick carpet of wildflowers: poppies, cornflowers, yellow rattle and daisies among others. Local residents are certainly pleased and drivers are stopping to take photos of the display. These photos were taken by CPRE volunteer, Rupert Hardy.

Dorset County Council_s Conservation Verge Trials in May 2017Dorset County Council_s Conservation Verge Trials May 2017

This is all the result of Dorset County Council’s Conservation Verge Trials which started in 2015 and are now very visible. The project aims to improve the biodiversity in our verges and reduce the costly need for seasonal cutting. The yellow rattle in particular reduces grass growth, which is important for improving visibility near road junctions. The wildflowers will also attract bees , butterflies and other pollinating insects. There are six other sites in Dorset being trialled too so look out for the displays.

We should also point out that DCC are doing a better job than most solar farm developers in Dorset whose much trumpeted wildflower displays around their solar panels are pretty pathetic. Anyway well done Dorset County Council!”


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