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CPRE Recent publications

CPRE National Office publishes a number of reports based on detailed research.  Here is a summary of the most recent reports that can be found on CPRE Resources webpage


The end of the road? Challenging the road-building consensus


This CPRE report reveals that road-building is failing to provide the congestion relief and economic boost promised, while devastating the environment. It directly challenges government claims that ‘the economic gains from road investment are beyond doubt’; that road-building will lead to ‘mile a minute’ journeys; and that the impact on the environment will be limited ‘as far as possible’. ‘The end of the road?’ report shows how road building over the past two decades has repeatedly failed to live up to similar aims.
The report is based on a study commissioned by CPRE and carried out by consultants Transport for Quality of Life (TfQL), which examined 86 official studies of completed road schemes.


Landlines: why we need a strategic approach to land
This pamphlet argues that the case for a national approach to land use is more pressing than ever by showing that England’s land is under an increasing multitude of pressures. The current, fragmentary approach to land use is failing to address the problems caused by often conflicting demands: environmental degradation, rising costs and harm to health and wellbeing.
Landlines cover pageThe ‘Landlines’ pamphlet brings together a number of experts to argue for greater national coordination on land use, a longer-term approach that can enhance both the environment and the economy. Architect Sir Terry Farrell, UK Committee on Climate Change Chair Lord Deben, and Chair of the Woodland Trust Baroness Young are among those who propose different national solutions for how we use our land.


Sir Terry Farrell CBE, architect and urban planner, said:
“The scale, complexity and seriousness of these issues mean we cannot any longer proceed as before, treating land as a disposable asset. We have now got to plan proactively for rapid and radical change.”


Local Food – What’s the deal?
In the spring edition of our magazine ‘The Dorset Review’ we feature an article on ‘Dorset Local Food Producers’ listing the many good reasons to choose local foods, such as benefits to your health, your community and your local environment. In presenting some of the best for you in this booklet CPRE hopes to encourage you to seek out local food.
Local Food cover page
In 2014, Dorset CPRE decided that we needed to be more proactive in supporting local communities and the businesses that are essential to them, and we launched a campaign to help village shops face the relentless onslaught from the supermarkets. We started to sponsor a class ‘Best Village Shop’, in the Best Dorset Village Competition run by Dorset Community Action. With the latter we also organised a retailing seminar.

If you usually shop only at supermarkets, it could mean making gradual changes to where and how you shop as, with a few worthy exceptions, supermarkets stock low levels of local,food. Shopping around can take a little more time but once you see how rewarding, cost-effective and tasty it can be, you won’t regret it!


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