Posted by: dorsetcpre | June 17, 2016

CPRE MAPS – Light Pollution and Dark Skies

Starry skies are one of the great beauties of our countryside – yet they’re in short

supply in many areas, thanks to light pollution from buildings and street lighting. To highlight the problem, CPRE have put together their most detailed maps ever of England’s dark skies. The research includes maps covering district and county council boundaries, National Parks, AONBs and National Character Areas.


CPRE MAPS - England's Light Pollution and Dark Skies

CPRE MAPS – England’s Light Pollution and Dark Skies

Produced by consultants LUC, the new interactive online tool allows users to create and print a map of light pollution in their chosen postcode – invaluable evidence in local planning applications.

The interactive CPRE maps can be found on

The map is divided into areas of 400metres by 400metres and shows the light pollution levels for each one of these; it also displays where regions, counties and districts rank on their light pollution levels compared to others in England.

The interactive maps were produced with satellite images captured at 1.30 am throughout September 2015. They show that West Dorset and North Dorset are in the top 20 darkest districts. Ten of the darkest districts are in the South West, the darkest region in England

Nationwide, the maps show that just 22% of England is untouched by light pollution, and that 53% of our darkest skies are over National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Northumberland National Park enjoys 96% pristine night skies, while the South Downs, granted Dark Sky Reserve status in May 2016, is London’s closest expanse of dark skies.

Lesson plans have also been developed for primary school children and can be found on

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