Posted by: dorsetcpre | June 7, 2016

Best Village Shop in Dorset

Farming, supporting local foods and village shops

In Dorset CPRE’s campaigning, our main concern is with factors that influence the beauty and diversity of our countryside, and the health of rural communities. We are deeply concerned to support farmers, for without a prosperous farming sector there is little hope that the countryside will be well maintained. We strongly support local foods, which are good for farmers, consumers and the countryside.

Dorset is home to some of the most delicious and exceptional food in England. However too much of our food comes from the big supermarket chains which sell too little locally produced food. As supermarkets can dictate the price they pay farmers, many are being forced to close. The local shops that do sell local food are being driven out of business, and therefore need your support as do the producers.

Thorncombe Village Shop Best Dorset Village Shop Winner 2015

Thorncombe Village Shop Best Dorset Village Shop Winner 2015

Best Village Shop
Dorset CPRE is sponsoring for the third year running the category ‘Best Village Shop’ in the Best Dorset Village Competition run by Dorset Community Action. Communities are asked to nominate the village shop which serves them best. The deadline for entries is 5.00pm on Monday 25th July 2016. Well done to Thorncombe Village Shop winner Best Dorset Village Shop 2015, but Motcombe Community Shop came in as a worthy runner-up. Please do visit these stores, but remember all Dorset village shops deserve your support.

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