Posted by: dorsetcpre | January 5, 2016

Excellent hard-hitting speeches made by Mapperton Preservation Group, Dorset CPRE and others re Mapperton Solar Farm application.

Update 28th June 2016

Today the High Court of Justice quashed planning permission for the proposed Mapperton Solar Park on land owned by South Dorset MP Richard Drax. This decision is the result of Katharine Butler’s successful application for a Judicial Review of East Dorset District Council’s decision to grant permission for a mega solar farm to be sited on good arable land amongst highly valued heritage assets in an Area of Great Landscape Value. She was supported by the Mapperton Preservation Group (MPG) and the Dorset branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

Update 5th Jan 2016
Lawyers have lodged an application for Judicial Review to quash the decision to grant planning permission on five grounds of procedural error, and this will now be held on 18th May in the High Court in London. They are acting for Katharine Butler, who is supported by the Mapperton Preservation Group and Dorset CPRE. We believe we have a strong case, and are optimistic about the outcome.


It was a sad day for local democracy with East Dorset District Council  (EDDC) on 21st July 2015 ignoring the largest ever protest by local residents to a solar installation in Dorset. The Committee voted 7-3 to approve. This was despite evident bias and omissions in the Officers’ report,  which we exposed in a letter to EDDC and the Planning Committee.  Excellent hard-hitting speeches made by Mapperton Preservation Group, Dorset CPRE,  Sturminster Marshall PC, and  the local District Councillor, all opposing the plan fell on mostly deaf ears. The Committee were determined to ignore the evidence and vote in favour of the renewable energy solution provided by Good Energy at whatever cost. The quality of debate was not high! We will be looking carefully at EDDC’s handling of the application and possibly consider other options.  So maybe not the end of the story yet! Anyway the Mapperton Preservation Group, ably supported by Dorset CPRE,  can take consolation in a fight well fought, a major reduction in the size of the solar farm and much higher community benefits for those most affected!

Many thanks go out to members who sent in written protests.

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