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West Dorset Wind Farm Planning Application WD/D/14/000885

A decision on West Dorset Wind Farm Planning Application WD/D/14/000885 is coming up soon. Dr David Peacock has produced a table dated 11th April 2015 showing the Approval and Refusal Rates for Wind Farm Planning Applications – England 2002 – 2014.

Graph showing Approval and Refusal Rates for Wind Farm Planning Applications - England 2002 - 2014

Graph showing Approval and Refusal Rates for Wind Farm Planning Applications – England 2002 – 2014

Request we sent to our membership in June 2014 concerning the West Dorset Wind Farm

An urgent request from Richard Heaslip, Chair of Trustees, Dorset CPRE

Planning permission is being sought for what would be Dorset’s largest wind farm. Proposed for a site in West Dorset, in open unspoilt countryside just north of Tolpuddle, it would comprise five 115 metre (377 feet) high industrial-scale turbines. Last time Richard wrote to members and asked for their support the response was over 1,000 objections – this was instrumental in forcing the developer to withdraw its proposal for a nine-turbine wind farm. But it has come back with a proposal that remains totally unacceptable – with 5 turbines it would still be the biggest wind farm in Dorset.

To defeat this we have to fight even harder. Our aim is to exceed 2,000 objections. Your objection is essential – without it we will not succeed. Dorset CPRE is in favour of renewable energy – provided it is not unacceptably damaging to the landscape, to heritage assets or to the amenity of local people. We believe that this application
does not meet these requirements.

The scheme has met with strong opposition from local communities who have formed the Tolpuddle Against Industrial Turbines (TAINT) action group to fight the proposal based on concerns for landscape, settings of listed buildings, the industrialisation of Hardy Country, wildlife and noise.
TAINT chairman Richard Slocock has said “As communities we are furious. We do not want
them. We have already employed professionals to look at the application. They will be going
through it and contesting it point by point.”
Dorset CPRE is backing TAINT but we need to encourage wider involvement from you and, just as importantly, your friends, neighbours and relatives. With, but only with your help can we reach over 2,000 objections.

Amongst the reasons for objection are the following:

  • The size, scale and industrial nature of the proposed development would give rise to adverse visual impact from viewpoints both inside and outside the Dorset AONB.
  • It would have adverse impacts on the small-scale, high value landscape of the area, both inside and outside the Dorset AONB.
  • Social amenity would be adversely affected through reduced enjoyment of footpaths and bridleways.
  • The settings and visual appreciation of heritage assets would be adversely affected. The Tolpuddle Conservation Area and listed Athelhampton House & Gardens are just two.
  • The development site is located in an area known worldwide as Hardy Country. Such a large alien structure close to its centre would have an adverse impact on tourism.
  • Five large turbines in such close proximity to each other are likely to give rise to significant numbers of fatal, serious and slight injuries to birds and bats.
  • Adverse cumulative impacts are likely to arise as a result of the nearby approved or proposed Roger’s Hill, Alaska, Slyer’s Lane and Blandford Hill wind turbines.

PLEASE SEND, in support of the local residents and our landscape, a letter of OBJECTION to the Planning Application – either online at the West Dorset District Council Planning website, by email or by post.

David Hodges
Case Officer
West Dorset District Council
South Walks House
South Walks Road
If you decide to object, the greatest impact can be obtained by:

  1. Stating that you OBJECT to the proposal and providing a valid planning reason, such as one selected from the above. Reasons related to, for example, subsidies, the intermittent nature of wind turbines and potential impact on property values are not valid in this context.
  2. Making sure that only ONE PERSON signs an objection.

If more than one objector uses the same email address, send a SEPARATE EMAIL for each objector to the Case Officer, David Hodges: Make sure you provide a NAME and ADDRESS including a POSTCODE and quote the reference number WD/D/14/000885.
Similarly, if you are responding by Royal Mail, make sure each objector signs a SEPARATE LETTER. It is NOT necessary to put each objection into a separate envelope. The letter can be handwritten or typed or a proforma. They all have the same status. If a proforma, we strongly encourage you to add a handwritten comment in order to
personalise the letter (for example, suggest noise and loss of tranquillity may be problems too). All you need do is PRINT your name and address at the top – don’t forget the postcode – and SIGN AT THE BOTTOM. At least two proforma objections are enclosed with this letter. Please copy more for your friends, neighbours and relatives – past
experience shows this would more than double the number of objections achieved.
The deadline is 4 July 2014.
You can read more about the application on the West Dorset District Council Planning website , including details of how to make a submission electronically.
Thank you in advance for supporting this campaign.
Yours sincerely,

Richard Heaslip
Chair of Trustees
Dorset CPRE

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