Posted by: dorsetcpre | February 12, 2015

Have your say on future development in Purbeck

Partial Review Issues and Options Consultation – 29 January 2015 to 13 March 2015

Dorset CPRE and the Purbeck and Poole CPRE Group have submitted their response to the Purbeck Local Plan.

Purbeck District Council needs to review the Purbeck Local Plan, which it uses to determine planning applications. This is a requirement of an independent planning inspector. The review will consider issues such as:

Locations for new housing
Locations for new shopping space and employment
How can we enable growth whilst continuing to protect the natural environment

Purbeck DC’s local plan review is of course wide-ranging. They have set up an on-line questionnaire as a way of receiving and structuring responses.

The question which relates to the protection of the heaths is as follows:

QUESTION 8a: do you agree with the Council’s current approach of not allowing specific types of development between 0-400m of a heath?

Dorset CPRE’s answer to this is YES.

Unfortunately, the question only invites further comment if one disagree with current protection of the heath. But we suggest using the comment opportunity as a way to emphasise how important it is for Purbeck District Council to maintain the current approach to the 400m zone protection of the heath-land, in order to safeguard Purbeck’s internationally important, rare and vulnerable lowland heaths. Please read our recent article about protection of heath-lands in Dorset for more details.

Responses must be returned by 5pm on Friday 13 March 2015.

You can come and talk to planning officers at one of the drop-in events



Thank you if you have already submitted comments, and we are most grateful of your support in this campaign. Please join Dorset CPRE and help protect Dorset’s heath-lands.

We would love to receive your feedback

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