Posted by: dorsetcpre | February 27, 2014

East Stoke Alaska Wind Farm

Dorset CPRE have been fighting the planning application for 4 wind turbines, taller than Salisbury Cathedral, for over 6 years.

After the Planning Inspector over-turned the rejection of the 4 massive industrial turbines by the democratic District Council, the DART (Dorset Against Rural Turbines) Action Group decided to take the case to the High Court for Judicial Review. To protect against Costs, one member of the Committee was named as the challenger. The cost for one day’s hearing can be over £15,000. The case was heard in October .

The landowner also applied for a single turbine on the site to “power his mineral working”, while much of the electricity will be sold into the grid. The application was approved by the County Council – rather than the District Council – so several members have appealed to the Ombudsman. DART (Dorset Against Rural Turbines) announced on 25th September 2013 that one of its members has taken the High Court decision to approve the Alaska Windfarm to the Appeal Court. After evaluating the case ,the Appeal Court agreed that there was justification for the Appeal to be heard.

The appeal was lost on 27th February 2014.

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