Posted by: dorsetcpre | February 6, 2014

Planning application response guidelines

The CPRE National Office has published a very useful handbook on responding to planning applications.

In the Dorset CPRE Autumn Review 2013 John Holiday wrote an article on ‘planning application response guidelines’ that will hopefully give you an understanding of what arguments may, and may not, be taken into account by the Planning Authority in assessing responses to an applications.

A fundamental tenet is that “the planning system does not exist to protect the private interests of one person against the activities of another, although private interests may coincide with the public interest in some cases. The basic question is not whether owners and
occupiers would experience financial or other loss from a particular development but whether the proposal would unacceptably affect amenities and the existing use of land and buildings that ought to be protected in the public interest.” Please follow this link to read the full article on ‘planning application response guidelines’.

The lists are neither definitive nor exhaustive and are meant only as an indication of reasons that might be valid or not acceptable when responding to a planning application. If in doubt, a case officer in your local council planning office will be happy to help with his terms of reference, but cannot give an opinion on any specific application.

In the Dorset CPRE Branch we have five local Groups who monitor nearly every planning application to ensure they comply with the Council’s Plan Policy and Design Guidelines. Please let us know if you found these guidelines helpful.

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