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Minerals and Waste in Dorset

This is a summary of our recent work with minerals and waste in Dorset.

Wytch Farm Oilfield
On 19 and 20 January I attended a seminar and exhibition at Furzebrook village hall organised jointly by B P and Perenco to celebrate the history of the oilfield from the first exploration well at Broadbench, Kimmeridge in 1936, to B P becoming the operator of Wytch Farm in 1984, and the sale of the site to Perenco this year. This was a splendid occasion with a large number of photographs, reminiscences from many of those involved, and a specially prepared souvenir book.

Wytch Farm Local Liaison Committee
I have taken over from David King as the Branch representative on this Committee and attended my first meeting on 4 October in the Council Chamber at Worgret House, Wareham. Mr Geoff Hoyle and Dr Susie Baverstock from B P described their recent activities at Wytch Farm and Mr Mike Richardson from Perenco described the takeover process and his company’s plans for the development of the site.

Sand and gravel works at Warmwell

Sand and gravel works at Warmwell

Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Draft Minerals Core Strategy 2011
The County Council propose to reduce the provision for the extraction of sand and gravel from 1.97 to 1.78 million tonnes per annum to allow enough flexibility to react to changing circumstances. The Minerals Site Allocations Document will need to identify sufficient sites to achieve this.

Imerys Ball Clay Operations Dorset – Community Liaison Group
I attended meetings of this Group at the Springfield Hotel in Wareham on 22 September and 8 December. The main items for discussion at both meetings were about Planning Applications for the extension of Povington Pit and Doreys Pit in the Isle of Purbeck for the extraction of ball clay and also, now, for the extraction of sand and gravel at both sites. The main concern in the local community is about the proposed increase in the number of heavy lorries carrying these minerals on the narrow and twisting local roads which are wholly unsuitable for the purpose.

Arne Lagoon
I have made several visits to the workedout ball clay pit at Arne which has been landscaped to form a lagoon connected to the waters of Poole Harbour at high tide.

It is now more than half full of water and will provide extensive mudflats and shallow water for wading birds on the RSPB Reserve.

Haycraft Quarry
I inspected this quarry at Langton Matravers and Trevor Bevins wrote to the County Council about a Planning Application which contravened the Dorset Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Litter Free LogoDorset Campaign against Litter (DCAL)
I attended a meeting of this Campaign at the Dorford Centre in Dorchester on 23 February.

Matilda Bark reported on a major campaign, tied in with the Olympic Games, by the Dorset Coast Forum promoting a Litter Free Coast.

Keep Britain Tidy has had to make many of its staff redundant but will continue with the Love where you Live campaign. Bob Kerr updated us on the Dorchester Stop the Drop campaign, and on the necessary repairs to vandalised cigarette butt bins.

Neil Randall said that the Dorset Waste Partnership would shortly be introducing a weekly kerbside collection of food waste and would be able to collect all types of plastic for recycling from October 2013. This should substantially reduce the amount of domestic rubbish going to landfill, but appropriate education will be required for those householders who presently decline to do much recycling.

Jen Clarke, for the Dorset AONB, spoke about a new scheme for the South Dorset Ridgeway, partially funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, for farming, landscape, publicity and control of litter.

Litter Image

Litter – four bags collected from 10 yards of road

Stop the Drop
Bill Bryson will step down as CPRE President at the AGM on 28 June and Andrew Motion, the former Poet Laureate, will take over as national President of CPRE. Mr Bryson has agreed to continue sending out his bimonthly Stop the Drop newsletter.

Energy from Waste
Our Report on the Production of Energy from Waste was accepted by the National Office after some minor amendments and has been distributed widely. I am happy to send a copy of the Report to anyone who is interested.

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group
I attended a meeting of the Group on 18 October at Winfrith Newburgh village hall. RSRL have submitted a business case to the NDA for an enhanced decommissioning programme with early closure of the site in 2019. The site would then be returned to heathland but it is not clear who would eventually look after it.

Zog have been unsuccessful in attracting new tenants to the Dorset Green Technology Park and a meeting to discuss these matters has been postponed.

Jurassic Coast Seminar
I attended a seminar on 14 December at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Inscription at UNESCO on 13 December 2001 of the East Devon and Dorset World Heritage Site. The speakers included Tim Badman, Director of the World Heritage Programme at IUCN, Doug Hulyer, Board Member of Natural England, and Tim Smit, Chief Executive of the Eden Project.

Dorset Coast Forum
I attended a meeting of the Forum on 15 November at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy where the topics included Marine Conservation Zones, the Natural Environment White Paper, marine litter, and coastal erosion.

I remain happy to discuss any of these matters at greater length with anyone who is interested.

Dr John Larkin
Minerals and Waste Adviser

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