Posted by: dorsetcpre | September 30, 2011

Minerals and Waste in Dorset

Wytch Farm OilfieldThis is a summary of our recent work with minerals and waste in Dorset.

Wytch Farm Oilfield
BP have finalised the sale of their interest in the Wytch Farm oilfield to Perenco UK who will develop the oilfield beyond the existing BP business plan. They will work with the Minerals Planning Authority, the Environment Agency, Natural England, and others to maintain high standards in protecting this sensitive environment.

I have taken over from David King as the Branch representative on the Wytch Farm Local Liaison Committee and will attend the next meeting.

Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole draft Minerals Core Strategy 2011
This will set out the vision, spatial strategy and policy framework for minerals in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole. I prepared a response to the public consultation on this Strategy on behalf of the Branch.

Imerys Ball Clay Operations Dorset – Community Liaison Group
I attended the first meeting of this new Group at the Springfield Hotel in Wareham on 7 July. This useful meeting followed two public exhibitions, which I also attended, where Imerys explained their proposals for the future extraction of ball clay and of sand and gravel at Doreys and at Povington in the Isle of Purbeck. I, and others, made suggestions for the improvement of their traffic plans for the rather narrow and twisting local roads.

Lagoon at arne, near PooleI also inspected the worked-out ball clay pit at Arne which has been landscaped to form a lagoon connecting with the waters of Poole Harbour at high tide. It will be managed by the RSPB for wading birds and provide a splendid new facility on the Reserve.

South West Minerals Topic Group
I have joined this newly-formed CPRE Group and will report on its deliberations in due course.

Dorset Campaign Against Litter (DCAL)
Sam Harding, from National Office, attended the June meeting of the Campaign and reported on the Stop the Drop campaign. The “Love where you Live” national antilitter campaign was launched in June with events in Dorchester and in many other places around the country during a week of activity in September.

Bill Bryson has issued Litter Abatement Orders to British Rail, and there was a network wide spring clean on 4 July.

South West Waste Topic Group
I attended a meeting of this CPRE Group in Exeter in June where we discussed the various waste facilities in the six southwestern counties. I spoke about the proposed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant at Dorset Gree, the biomass boiler which supplies East Holme village, and the anaerobic digestion of food waste at Hurn.

Energy from Waste
I have joined this new panel which, by means of copious email correspondence, has recently produced a report which details the national CPRE policy on the production of Energy from Waste.

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group
I attended a guided tour of the RSRL site to see the results of recent decommissioning of various nuclear wastes. The proposed 20 megawatt CHP plant at Dorset Green has been granted planning permission, and Zog are seeking tenants for some of their newly refurbished buildings.

Portland QuarriesOther matters
I attended the thirtieth anniversary celebration at the Cranborne Chase and Wiltshire Downs AONB, and various meetings concerned with coastal changes, coastal defences, fl ood management, and about the proposed quarrying on the Coastal Strip at Southwell on the Isle of Portland.

I also attended presentations about the proposed offshore windfarm near the Isle of Wight, pylons for the National Grid, Renewable Energy installations in the Isle of Purbeck, and several meetings about Refreshing the Renewable Energy Strategy for Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole. I remain happy to discuss any of these matters at greater length with anyone who is interested.

Dr John Larkin
Minerals and Waste Adviser

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