Posted by: dorsetcpre | March 1, 2011

Poole Schools Clean Up Their Act

School Clean-upOver the past three years, the Borough of Poole’s Environmental and Consumer Protection Services has developed the Schools’ Environment Award. By participating, students have an opportunity to develop their decision-making skills, their schools benefit from an improved local environment; the community benefits from greater citizenship and globally we will all benefit from a reduced carbon footprint.

The aim of the Award is to raise awareness in schools on the importance of:

• Environmental and cleanliness issues

• Recycling and waste minimalisation

• Reducing energy use

• Reducing water use

School Clean-upSchools have to identify areas where improvements can be made, implement changes to these areas, and then sustain these improvements.

Litter bins, recycling centers and rainwater collection butts are all examples of initiatives undertaken by participating schools.

The Award requires the support and involvement of staff and pupils and of parents and governors. The Borough of Poole, through Environmental & Consumer Protection Services support schools by providing advice and support. With more schools joining the scheme, more children will grow to realize that littering is wrong and that their environment is the better for being cleaner.

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