Posted by: dorsetcpre | March 1, 2011


Diane HumphriesI am a mature student currently studying photography at the Arts University College Bournemouth and also run my own photography business. I am passionate about photography and the world around me; I see photography as a great way to highlight social issues. My photographic work has been published and exhibited in various locations including the central library in Bournemouth. Past projects and commissions include Urban Kinson and digital Transformations, both exploring the environment. Photographic exhibition ‘Donated’ is due to be exhibited in May as part of the Big Green Fortnight.

Litter‘Plastic Landscape’, the project I am working on at present focuses on plastic waste at my local nature reserve Millhams mead. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place, which my children and I love. It is awful to see the litter that is dropped there, especially plastic which will probably still be around long after we are gone. My images reflect the growing problem of littering and I hope will make people stop and think about the huge impact this is creating in our own landscape. All the images are taken on a plastic camera onto film. I have incorporated as much plastic as I could into the process of making these images to show that plastic is a useful material, just not when it is left to ruin what little green space we have left. After the project is completed I plan to organise a litter pick with local residents so we can clean up the area and make it shine once more.


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