Posted by: dorsetcpre | March 1, 2011

New anti-littering message ‘Love Where You Live’ is unveiled

Keep Britain Tidy has joined Defra and partners to announce a new anti-littering message and set of principles for action on litter.

Love where you live logo‘Love Where You Live’ was announced on 16 December at the National Litter Convention in London, on the back of new statistics which show that England’s litter problem is not improving.

The Local Environment Quality Survey for England (LEQSE) report published today reveals that there have been no real improvements in litter levels, a pattern seen over recent years. Levels of smoking related litter, confectionery packaging, non-alcoholic drink and fast food related litter have all risen in the past year.

The National Litter Convention brings together partners from government, local authorities, business and the voluntary sector, who will work together to tackle this problem.

Combined action will be supported by a new communication brand ‘Love Where You Live’ which has been developed with the ‘Litter Challenge Group’, a core group made up of these partners. This new brand has been developed with financial input from the businesses involved with this group and will be publicly launched in the spring.

Attending the Litter Convention, Environment Minister Lord Henley said: “People care deeply about the appearance of their local environment and for many people litter is the biggest problem affecting their neighbourhood. The LEQSE report shows that more needs to be done to tackle this problem. Today’s convention and the new ‘Love Where You Live’ message show that everyone involved is serious about taking action.”

Keep Britain Tidy’s ambassador, Kirstie Allsopp said: “Being part of Love Where You Live is a chance for the big brands to become the heroes instead of the villains in the fight against litter. Those who mindlessly chuck their fast food or cigarette packet on the floor cost our country millions and destroy the places we call home.”

“Today is a landmark moment, as big business joins forces with councils and many other organisations to make a stand. With the right support, this new brand could bring back a sense of pride to where we live.”

Defra, the Litter Challenge Group and Keep Britain Tidy will continue to work together, with other partners including CPRE and the Local Government Association, to ensure that these commitments contribute to the Government’s aim of a substantially cleaner England by 2020.

The Litter Challenge Group is comprised of: Defra, Keep Britain Tidy; Local Government Regulation; Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE); Wrigley; Imperial Tobacco; Japan Tobacco International; Network Rail; Highways Agency; Durham County Council; Knowsley Council; Gallions Housing Association; Wakefield and District housing; McDonalds; Coca Cola; Greggs; British Plastic Federation

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