Posted by: dorsetcpre | March 1, 2011

DORSET CPRE – A Year in Photographs

We all have a favourite place and a favourite time of year. Combine this with the beauty of Dorset and you have a recipe for a truly wonderful photograph that you can share with CPRE. Dorset CPRE is throwing down a challenge to all its members: enter a competition to show the best of Dorset. photographs can be on any subject and taken at any time of year. What they should do is show us all what you feel to be the best, the heart, of our beautiful county.

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A selection of those received before the publication of the Autumn 2011 Review will appear in that issue. The twelve best entries received throughout the year will be published in the Spring 2012 Review and will become the Dorset CPRE Calendar 2013 (which has to be something to be hung on your wall and something to send in the Christmas mail!). The photograph judged to be the best overall will be the cover photograph of the calendar and, in addition, the winner will receive a framed copy of the photograph as a lasting memento. Photographs can be submitted at any time up to May 2012 and can be sent electronically to:

or by post to CPRE,

The Little Keep,
Bridport Road,
DT1 1SQ.

Photographs cannot be returned. Entries should be accompanied by a slip of paper giving your name and address, the title of your photograph and a few short sentences saying why you believe it captures the spirit of Dorset.

Judging will be by a panel found from within the Branch Executive Committee. Their decision will, as is the convention, be final (and offers of a side of venison or a whole salmon will not sway them in the least!).

We would love to receive your feedback

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