Posted by: dorsetcpre | March 1, 2011

Back to the Future

CPRE 1959 LOGO BWThey say that there is nothing new under the sun and looking at the 1950s CPRE logo at the head of this column and the new, 2011 version at the bottom, you can see all too clearly, the resemblance. That there is a similarity is a good thing, for it shows that whilst the style may vary, it suggests that the substance remains.

Many are attached to the present logo, the badge that is worn in their lapel or which advertises the CPRE presence at a county show. Others are not convinced of the need for a change in image and others still will state emphatically that it is only a few short years since CPRE went through the same process of “rebranding”. All are valid opinions of course but pale at the central reason for the remodelling of the CPRE logo: the need for visibility and with it the means to attract more members.

CPRE is only one charity amongst the many competing for peoples’ time, money and support. It has to stand out from the crowd and be attractive. The new logo is an attempt to so do. It’s modern, bright and – in keeping with our attempt to widen the membership of CPRE – attractive to a new audience.

As we go to print with this edition of the Review, the full direction on the employment of the new logo has not yet been released from the National Office but our members should be assured that there will be no diktat that only the new badge or logo is to be seen. There is no prohibition on continuing to wear the “old” badge, or on exhausting existing stocks of stationery: Dorset is, after all, an independent Branch within CPRE. You will, however, see the new badge fluttering above our stands at the forthcoming County Shows: hopefully it will only just be visible above the crowds clustered in front of our displays!

National LogoWhilst the logo, the badge, the “brand” may change, the principles and driving force behind CPRE remain the same. One might say “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and no matter what flag we stand under, we still stand for the protection of our environment.

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