Posted by: dorsetcpre | September 30, 2010

Minerals and Waste in Dorset

This is a summary of our recent work with minerals and waste in Dorset.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) at Dorset Green Technology Park  The Planning Application for this new facility was approved unanimously by the Branch Executive Committee and I wrote a letter of support to Dorset CC on behalf of the Branch. We await their decision with interest.

On-shore Prospecting for Oil I was interviewed on BBC1 Breakfast television about the damage to the environment by on-shore drilling for oil. The interview was repeated several times during the day on BBC television and radio.

Energy from Waste Robin Bawtree and I visited Norman Grundon’s Energy from Waste plant at Colnbrook, Berkshire where a very large incinerator is used to burn combustible waste from this densely populated area. A sophisticated system of detectors measures emissions from the plant and signals are sent directly to the Environment Agency which would close the plant immediately if any of the allowed limits were exceeded. We also visited their Materials Recovery Facility at Leatherhead where they do a similar job to that at the Dorset facility on Canford Heath but on a much larger scale. I am grateful to Robin for inviting me on these tours which were organised by the Worshipful Company of Carmen Car Club.

Dorset Campaign Against Litter (DCAL) We continue to meet three times a year. More details can be found elsewhere in this issue.

Stop the Drop Campaign We continue to liaise with the National Office and, again, more details can be found elsewhere in this issue.

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group I had a guided tour of the RSRL (formerly UKAEA) site to see recent progress in the decommissioning of the nuclear reactors. I also attended an Open Day to launch the refurbishment of the Dorset Green Technology Park (formerly Winfrith Technology Centre). 

Proposed quarry at Southwell We continue to await developments with interest.

Other matters I attended meetings concerned with the Archaeology of the Weymouth Relief Road at Weymouth Pavilion, and also about the geology of the Road at Dorchester County Museum.


I remain happy to discuss any of these matters at greater length with anyone who is interested.

By Dr John Larkin, Minerals and Waste Adviser


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