Posted by: dorsetcpre | March 1, 2010

Minerals and Waste in Dorset

This is a summary of our recent work with minerals and waste in Dorset.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) at Dorset Green Technology Park.
A planning application at the Park (formerly Winfrith Technology Centre) is expected shortly from New Earth Solutions for a large renewable energy facility which will produce 10 MW of electricity and 10 MW of heat.

I have been to several meetings and a public exhibition about this facility.  The first phase will be contained in a building 115 metres long by 40 metres wide and 15 metres high with one chimney 23 metres high.  A second phase will be of the same size. Partially treated domestic waste will be pyrolised in the absence of air at 950 degrees Celsius to produce mainly hydrogen and methane which will be burned in gas engines to produce electricity for the National Grid. Excess heat will be used for central heating and hot water in buildings throughout the Park. The exhaust gases will be carefully cleaned and will be monitored by the Environment Agency.

Dorset Waste Forum
The Pathfinder Project will identify best practice to reduce costs and rationalise waste collections throughout the county.   The Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is being implemented in the waste collections in west Dorset. Manufacturers are being encouraged to reduce all sorts of retail packaging, especially those for food.

Hurn Material Recycling Facility
I saw how steel in domestic waste is separated magnetically, and aluminium by an eddy current separator.  Different colours of glass are separated by optical light technology. These and various grades of paper and cardboard are all sold on behalf of Dorset C C at prices, which cover the costs of the facility.

Eco Sustainable Solutions Composting Plant
I also saw this open-air windrow where trees, garden waste, scrap wood and much else are converted into a variety of composts and mulches for commercial use. Food waste is treated in an In-Vessel Composter to produce high quality soil for growing commercial quantities of turf.

Dorset Campaign Against Litter (DCAL)
We meet three times a year and continue to liaise with officers from the County, District, and Borough Councils and the Dorset AONB team, and also with several other voluntary groups throughout the county.

Mineral Core Strategy
The County Council is consulting widely with commercial and voluntary organisations and using Government guidelines to determine the quantities of various stones and other minerals, which will be needed in Dorset until 2020. They are also studying the economic, environmental and social effects of the necessary excavations, and the criteria to be used for the Minerals Site Allocations Document.

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group
We continue to monitor the decommissioning at UKAEA and the progress at the Dorset Green Technology Park.

Proposed quarry at Southwell
We continue to await developments with interest.

Other matters
I have attended meetings concerned with the construction of Weymouth Relief Road and also with the decommissioning of the nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point where a new larger Hinkley Point “C” will be built on an adjacent site.

I remain happy to discuss any of these matters at greater length with anyone who is interested.

Dr John Larkin, Minerals and Waste Adviser

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